Services Offered to Sellers

We provide up-to-date commercial market information and professional advice that make a real monetary difference. All we do is related to the investment value of property. Often commercial real estate and land sales are the largest single transaction of an owners lifetime. You only have one chance to do it right; call a professional.

Personal Referrals to Qualified Brokers:

If you are considering a recreational or investment land purchase in another state, the chances are good that Wood will know personally the broker most qualified. As a member of the National Realtors® Land Institute, Wood has regular professional contact with land experts all around the country. Likewise, the international membership of the CCIM Institute allows Wood direct access to commercial real estate professionals across the globe.

Tax-Deferred Exchanges and Short/Long Term Tax Planning and Strategies:

Ask any experienced investor - tax planning makes the difference between mediocre and great returns. Whoever originally said, "No one ever went broke turning a profit" was unfamiliar with today's tax code! There are many tools available to those willing to consider them. We try to make clients aware of options available.

Skilled at Seller Negotiation:

Darryl Royal, former legendary head coach at the University of Texas, once said, “Only three things can happen when you pass, and two of them are bad.”

In real estate negotiations, there are five things that can happen, but four of them are bad. Wood Hughes offers years of experience as a qualified intermediary between buyers and sellers in order to make sure the needs of all parties, not the personalities, remain the focus.

Experienced with new construction, lots, land, and resale properties:

Wood started in new construction marketing, learned to build homes, sold millions of dollars of resale homes, and has successfully worked with banks and the Federal Government in disposing of foreclosure properties. He’s had experience taking raw land through the rezoning process to closing for single family residential, multifamily residential and commercial uses. He’s also leased out retail centers in the middle of our current economy.

Whatever your challenge is, Wood will present a workable solution to obtain you the best value in the time frame you desire that the market will allow.


Wood has founded his business on honesty, hard work, and commitment. He believes that there’s no substitute for hard work. Wood works hard behind the scene to make sure everything proceeds on schedule. And finally, Wood is committed to putting his training and skill to work for you.



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